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it's highly frowned upon to post pta materials from the perspective of the japanese fans. for years, pta materials had been kept in the dark because fans wanted to make pta special since they paid money for it. western fans are expected to do the same as well. there's no real consequence to posting anything, but it's a shunned action to post materials from it.

I realized that too and I completely understand it if they leave the materials up. But the movie/photo galleries are unviewable after a certain date even for PTA members. I think it’s a shame that even the PTA members cannot view them anymore.

I don’t ever plan on sharing materials that PTA members can still view. But I think it’s terrible that a lot of videos and photos are going to get lost for no particular reason.

I really hope PTA revises their site so nothing expires.

I will be posting PTA World videos and images once they are taken down from their webpages.

The video quality is very poor, as they are uploaded at very low resolution videos. The audio quality is decent.

I encourage people to take the videos and subbing them if possible.